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Minibus Tours

Coventry Minibus Hire Couch Tours  

Looking for cheap and available minibus hire in Coventry? Allow us to give you a friendly expedition of this beautiful city with our Coventry minibus hire packages. Whether it’s a 2-hour or full day tour, we will tailor a suitable itinerary for you that are not only affordable, but ensure also that you get the most out of this lovely English city.  
Our vehicles are top-notch so expect to find vehicle brands like Volvos or Ford Transit. If you wish to travel in class, we can avail a luxurious Mercedes 16 seater with air conditioning and on-board amenities like complementary refreshments. We have served both individuals and corporations with our coach tours packages and the feedback has been impressive so far. 
What to See and Do in Coventry  

Diving into a little history, Coventry is under the CV1 code area and was once the capital city of England. Having existed as far as the 15th century, it has lived through several historical moments, and most of its buildings are inspired by either Gothic or Georgian architecture of the early centuries. When you arrive in town, here are some of the best things to see while taking a stroll in the city. 
Statue of Godiva and Peeping Tom 
This is a sculpture of a lady on horseback and is visible when you visit the Broadgate. It is tucked behind the Pop Cathedral and while many don’t even take notice of it, the Statue of Godiva happens to be the landmark symbol of Coventry, and is known to so many countries in the UK and beyond. Along the Cathedral lanes, the wooden statue of Peeing Tom is erected there; he and lady Godiva have a little history you will definitely be interested in. 
St Mary’s Guildhall  
This is the kind of place to visit if you want to a taste of Coventry’s finest architectural works. You have to know that Coventry lost many of its classic architectural buildings in the Second World War. St. Mary’s Guildhall happens to be one of the surviving edifices, and it hasn’t lost its charm both inside and outside. The medieval design on the outside is pristine, so is the beautiful arrangement of murals on the inside. St. Mary’s Guildhall can also be where you organize a special event and we are more than happy to provide couch tours to ferry people to your occasion. 
The Holy Trinity Church 
An equally chic looking building glistening in medieval gothic architecture is Holy Trinity Church, one of the lucky buildings to survive the world war. A lot of religious history is housed here, holding the many religious accounts and expeditions that happened in early Coventry. Call ahead to ensure the premise is open so your trip to the church can be worth it. 
Fargo Village  
Old is gold many would say when they visit Fargo village. It’s an amalgamation of many shops and businesses all independently selling vintage items. Here you will get the oldest comic books, furniture, novels, photos and homemade crafts. Just in case you didn’t know where to get a souvenir from Coventry, our day tour driver will definitely show you this gem of a place.  
The Charterhouse Priory  
It’s an easy place to miss but a haven once you discover its location. Just off Terry road, this beautiful cottage house contains memories of aristocrat families from early 18th century. Inside are a collection of paintings and drawing detailing events from the early wealthy family, the Wyleys. The house has been preserved over the years, so expect to be impressed once you step in.  
Events in Coventry 
When not out scavenging for another tourist spot, you could be relaxing in the evening enjoying one of the thrilling concerts in Coventry. You can hire our minibus tour driver for as long as you want, and they will drive you out to any of these awesome events. Many of these concerts happen at the heart of Coventry, but you can also chatter a couch tour to events in adjacent towns like Birmingham. 
1) Five Seconds of Summer Rock Concert, Genting Arena, Coventry (14th Apr 2016) 
2) Billy Ocean Live Concert, The Assembly Leamington Spa, Coventry (24th Apr 2016) 
3) National Glass Fair, National Motorcycle Museum Solihull, Coventry ( 8th May 2016) 
4) Rihanna Anti World Tour (ft. Big Sean and Weeknd), Ricoh Arena, Coventry (14th June 2016) 
5) The Undertones Punk Concert, The Assembly Leamington Spa, Coventry (22nd June 2016) 
6) Justin Bieber Purpose Tour, Genting Arena, Birmingham (22nd June 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
We have more than enough years in experience to help us provide couch tour services with great expertise and knowledge of the Coventry road network. With our diverse fleet of coaches, we are confident in our ability to provide affordable day tour packages no matter how large your travelling number. We will get you to the best parties in town or ensure you get the most out of the beautiful edifices and landmarks of Coventry.