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Coventry Coach Hire: Your Dream Holiday 

The ancient city of Coventry holds the rare distinction of having been the capital of England during the 15th century. In modern times, this eclectic urban centre is known for its attractions and interesting cultural sights. Some of these include the Coventry Cathedral, Ricoh Arena, the Belgrade Theatre and the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum. If you or a group of friends are planning on visiting this region during 2016, it is wise to employ the use of a quality Coventry minibus hire service. Let us now take a look at some of the captivating events and sights to be experienced during 2016.  
A Kaleidoscope of Events to Experience 
There are countless reasons to make use of a company which offers minibus hire in Coventry and the surrounding areas. Those who are fans of fast-paced gaming should be sure to visit the i57 Insomnia Gaming Festival. This event will take place on 25 March. It is already expected that this massive symposium will be visited by thousands of gamers and developers. If you and your friends hope to experience the latest British literature, be sure to arrive at the Four Brits Book Fest. This gathering is being hosted by the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Motel on 11 June. However, Coventry offers much more than stimulating intellectual gatherings. Hiring a quality coach company will enable you to arrive at the 2016 Rough Runner competition in May. This is an excellent course for those who are fans of the outdoors and who wish to push their bodies to their physical limits. 
The Rich Culture of Coventry 
While the events within this amazing destination are obviously worth mentioning, Coventry is also host to innumerable attractions which are ideally suited for the entire family. One example of this heritage can be seen in the Warwick Arts Centre. This venue offers an interesting view into the world of film and photography; ideally suited for the art aficionado. Ryton Pools Country Park is an excellent way to spend a day outdoors with friends or family. As it is located close to the city centre, arriving here with the help of an experienced minibus company will never be a problem. Brandon Stadium is another option of you are fans of greyhound and horse racing. Its panoramic feel will leave a lasting impression. Additionally, the Holy Trinity Church is a pristine example of mediaeval architecture. This is one of the few remaining churches which have been kept in their original form over the centuries.  
Only the Best for Our Clients 
There are many reasons to procure the services of a professional minibus company when visiting Coventry. It should already go without saying that not all firms are created equally. We pride ourselves on the ability to cater to your unique needs. Our drivers are extremely professional and they are more than happy to accommodate what may certainly prove to be a rather hectic schedule. Let us not fail to mention that these very same experts boast a second-to-none knowledge of Coventry and the nearby locales. So, you can rest assured that you will arrive at your destination in no time at all.  
Vehicles for Your Needs 
We appreciate that flexibility is one of the hallmarks of superior service. You can select a choice of vehicles including Ford transits, Mercedes 16 seaters and spacious Volvos. If you hope to learn more, please speak with one of our trained representatives. You will be astounded with what our Coventry minibus hire has to offer.